Prada Fashion is Worldwide Fashion

Prada Fashion is Worldwide Fashion

Everyone should know about Prada fashion. Prada is a fashion icon company that, during its early years, was known as a premier manufacturer

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1913, Prada developed into what it is at present through the conception of Miuccia Prada, the founder’s granddaughter. This is one of the stories behind the success and growth of this world renowned company that only few people know about.

Gifted with the right skills and expertise, Miuccia revolutionized Prada’s products when she joined the company in 1978. She gave special attention to their appearance and the use of fabrics in extraordinary ways.

This led to the unprecedented growth of the company until it achieved its present worldwide status as one of the most renowned brands. Miuccia put the company further ahead when she introduced her own versions of women’s wear. This was accepted by consumers around the world.

The year 1995 marked the launching of men’s wear which was another spectacular success. This gave the company another place in the fashion world. Prada was even given the opportunity to dress many of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Salma Hayek and Maggie Gyllenhall. Until now, Prada has remained a symbol of comfort, coolness, and minimalism.

Prada has captured another niche in the market when it expanded into designer fragrances. Amber Pour Homme Cologne is Prada’s cologne for men released in 2006. It also added a line of The Prada Perfume for Ladies which made a big wave in the market.

With its almost 250 shops all over the world, Prada expects to take the total control over all its retail activities. To achieve this purpose, Prada does away with transactions for franchising or with duty-free shops. Most of its big stores can be found in New York, Beverly Hills, Milan, and Tokyo. In Milan you can find Prada store on Via Montenapoleone , Via della Spiga and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele .Needless to say, Prada fashion is worldwide fashion.



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